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Buy Kirvana ASCND cartridge

Kirvana ASCND


The Kurvana cartridge is available in 10 high-cannabinoid, full-spectrum strains, including Indicas, Sativas, and hybrids. The Kurvana ASCND line includes:

  •         Earth OG: an Indica Kurvana vape oil with earthy, herbal, and spicy flavors.
  •         Purple Punch: An Indica, also earthy, containing flavors of fresh berries with diesel undertones.
  •         Lunar OG: Lemon and pine essence give Lunar OG Indica its characteristic OG flavor.
  •         Northern Lights: an Indica perfect for those interested in pine and sweet notes.
  •         Cosmic Glue: Funky diesel and sour citrus notes give Kurvana ASCND Cosmic Glue its name.
  •         Pink Sherbet: A Kurvana hybrid known for its faint grapefruit and strawberry notes.
  •         Key Lime: A sativa sweet and tangy enough to remind you of a classic key lime pie.
  •         Amnesia Haze: Nutty, earthy, and citrus flavors come together in Amnesia Haze Kurvana vape oil.
  •         Tangie Dream: An instant favorite Sativa spawned from two timeless classics.
  •         Candy Jack: Find sweet, spicy, and smoky notes in Candy Jack Sativa.
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Buy Kurvana ASCND Cartridge Online USA:

We aim to provide our customers with the top vape cartridges available in the market, Buy Kirvana ASCND cartridge is also one of these cartridges. These cartridges use super-premium cannabis oil products. Filled with the super-premium concentrate, are the one-gram OG cartridges.

The batteries of Kurvana vapes are 510 thread made with superior Quartz. Cheap metals and glass are not used in the manufacturing of batteries. Also, to make concentrate, Kurvana cartridges use the highest quality source material.

Purchase ASCND Kurvana Pen Online in UK:

In order to maintain the selling of premium cartridges, Kurvana used only established and well-known strains and played on the recognizability of these selected strains. The strains chosen for Kurvana ASCND cartridges include:

  • GG4
  • GSC
  • Skywalker OG
  • Sour Diesel etc

Buy Kurvana ASCND Cartridge Online USA

Strains Of Kurvana ASCND Cartridges:

Kurvana ASCND cartridges cover 10 full-spectrum and high cannabinoid strains which include Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids. Following are the major strains involved in the Kurvana Vapes line:

  • Purple Punch
  • Lunar OG
  • Earth OG
  • Cosmic Glue
  • Northern Lights
  • Candy Jack
  • Amnesia Haze
  • Tangie Dream
  • Key lime
  • Pink Sherbet

Buy Kurvana ASCND Cartridge Online USA

Where To Buy Vape Cartridge Pen Kurvana:

Kurvana ASCND cartridges undergo extensive lab testing to make the availability of a high echelon of products possible for the users. These premium cartridges can be bought only from licensed dispensaries in Nevada and California but we provide a variety of Kurvana ASCND Cartridges throughout the UK, USA, and Canada.

Buy Kurvana ASCND Cartridge Online USA

Buy Kirvana ASCND cartridge:

Kurvana ASCND cartridges are best for having highly potent oils. They will give you a good buzz going with a high THC level which is 80-90%.

To find an optimal high, take small hits for easy and controlled dosing.

Buy Kurvana ASCND Cartridge Online USA

Dose Recommendations:

For deep sedation and intense psychoactive effects, one or two 3-5 seconds puffs are usually enough.

After using it, you will feel fuzzy and warm within 10 minutes.

Buy Kirvana ASCND cartridge Online USA

Final Thoughts On Kurvana ASCND Cartridges:

Kurvana Vape pens are quite impressive and becoming one of the top-shelf favorite vape pens of many users due to their potent and flavorful cannabis oil.

These cartridges will make you ditch your current vapes because they have clean crisp flavors and sizable hits. If you have not tried Kurvana ASCND vape yet, then you should try them as soon as possible to get the best vaping experience ever!

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