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mango haze

Mango Haze


Mango Haze is a crowd-pleasing Sativa-dominant strain, bred by Mr. Nice Seeds. Beloved for its effects as well as its taste, its parents are Northern Lights #5, Skunk #1, and Haze.
This is a strain that receives almost universally positive reviews. Enthusiasts describe a rush of euphoric mood, accompanied by a head high that’s somehow both calming and energetic, provoking creative thoughts.
Despite its stimulating effects, though, this marijuana can also get you into a mental couch lock, given how it provokes a heady stream of associated thoughts. This is a strain that can be enjoyed during giggly times with friends, as well as the solo daydreaming session.

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Mango Haze is a delicious and trendy fruity, balanced hybrid cannabis strain with a Sativa-like uplifting high and just a mango-like flavour. When smoked in a cartridge or a joint, Mangohaze provides a smoother and e pleasant smoke which tastes fruity and a trace of earthy haze that sweetens nicely on exhale. There are also notes of banana & deep undertones that offer the Mango haze strain an enjoyable experience.

Mangohaze is so delicious and sweet that it brings you to a warm, bright tropical paradise, where you can later relax completely.  With its elevating and euphoric effects, it’s perfect for both social occasions and a quiet weekend on the couch. Is there more to this haze Sativa than just a pleasing aroma? Absolutely Yes!

You can find everything about Mango Haze in this post. To find out, continue reading.

A brief description of the Mango Haze Strain

Northern Lights #5, Skunk, & Haze originally crossed to produce Mango Haze, a well-balanced hybrid Sativa strain. A popular CBD (cannabidiol) strain has been struck with this mango variety to create a more potent hybrid. There’s a unique mango aroma with sweet, sour undertones that smokers can appreciate!.


Mangohaze has the aroma of a freshly picked mango, as one could expect from a name like that. In addition to its unique mango taste, cbd mango haze also has sweet and sour overtones. It features traces of banana and the scent of this delicious tropical fruit.


The flavour of the mango cartridge is a sensory experience with prominent characteristics that pass over into its deliciousness. According to mango haze smokers, the taste is deep & earthy, with a tinge of pine on the finish.

“It’s like if you’re biting into a juicy, sugary mango.”


Mangohaze’s bag appeal is immediately apparent, with enormous, elongated buds. These plants produce flowers with lengthy spade-like designs and dazzling, amazingly transparent trichomes. Intense orange pistils adorn the blossoms, which are dark green and fragrant. As a result of the strain’s unique genetic make-up, it has a tropical scent and a euphoric high. The leaves have a Sativa-like structure, typical of the plant’s buds.


The intense high that Mango Haze provides makes it an excellent choice for anyone seeking the psychoactive properties of this strain. The high is uplifting when smoked, striking you in the head and instantaneously removing any negative or unpleasant thoughts or sentiments. Because of its stimulating and energizing effects, Mango Haze is a great smoke to enjoy with a wide range of hobbies and pursuits. It can cure:

  • Fatigue
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Mild to severe depression
  • Chronic migraines
  • Dizziness

Use this strain during the day when you need a burst of energy and pain relief at the same time. In addition to the energy buzz, it adds a steadily growing body high to counterbalance.

Precaution: Use caution if you have a history of anxiety or nervousness.

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The incredible uplifting effect and the delicious tropical tastes of Mango Haze are a reward for the diligent grower who has waited. To maintain the integrity of our plants, we naturally dry all of our blooms and tops to set high the highest standards. This tasty bud has a high concentration of THC and a relaxing yet energizing effect that makes it ideal for use indoors or out. This mesmerizing effect of cannabis haze strain surrounds you with a tremendous sensation of artistic energy and enthusiasm, grounded by a gently rising soothing feeling of power.

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